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Matt Lee has dedicated the last 13 years to raising the cyber security tide in the SMB, and MSP markets. His efforts have served in every capacity in a growing MSP that grew to support 20,000 endpoints. His leadership around technology direction, and security/compliance, protected and elevated over 17,000 people in Small to midsize businesses in five states. He has since taken on a deep role as a force multiplier as the Security and Compliance Senior Director at Pax8. He is driving the external thought leadership to empower MSPs to continue to grow in their security knowledge, operability, and capabilities. He is a known speaker, and subject matter focused contributor to Zero Trust, Framework Centric Security Program approaches, and one of the chief editors on a new project classifying ISV, SaaS, and Service Providers along the CIS Framework taxonomy.  He lives to ensure his children maintain the same quality of life we do around technology, which is imperiled daily by threat actors.