Shave That Beard

For Charity!!!!

Beard Shave 2022 Completed and Raised $202,606 for Charity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Charities – 

Hackers for Vets

A non-profit group focused on helping veterans transition into cyber by providing awards, vouchers, courses and more.

Hackers for Vets Website

Women Who Code

Mission – To inspire women to excel in technology careers

Women Who Code Website

Bits N' Bytes

A non-profit dedicated to building a human firewall through education on cybersecurity and privacy for all vulnerable populations.

Bits N’ Bytes Website

Diversity Cyber Council

A non-profit that services under-represented demographics in the tech industry by facilitating education, training and staffing opportunities to establish a sustainable and diverse talent pipeline to the workforce.

Diversity Cyber Council Website

Bike Walk Wichita

Mission – Transforming Wichita into a more livable, accessible, connected city by making biking and walking safe, equitable and appealing.

Bike Walk Wichita Website

The Shavees – 

Jason Slagle - President at CNWR, Inc
Adam Evans - Security Director at Simplex-IT
Matt Lee - Senior Director of Security & Compliance at Pax8
Cole Halpin - VP of Managed Services at machineLOGIC
Mike Jones - Hackers for Vets
Joshua Simmons - CTO at Phin Security
Sam Carmichael - Director of Sales at Carbonite
Henry Timm - President at Phantom Technology Solutions
Sean Lardo - Evangelist at ConnectWise
Scott R Davis - Sales Engineer at Liongard
Michael Richardson - CEO at Doberman Technologies, LLC
Vince Crisler - CSO at Celerium
Alex Farling - Co-Founder & Channel Chief at Lifecycle Insights
Bob Coppedge - CEO at Simplex-IT
Matthew Hache - Infrastructure Solutions Consultant at Pax8
Brent Flamm - Manager, Distribution & Nationals at OpenText
William Emmerich - Systems Administrator at United Veterinary Care